Today I’m wearing… dungarees

OHMIGOD DUNGAREES!  The summer of 1997, I had a pair of denim short dungarees, probably from BHS, I seem to recall, and I *loved* them.  I remember wearing them with a white t shirt and 90s trainers, which probably had a Spice Girls style flatform heel… Flash forward twenty years later, and here I am, wearing dungarees.  Again.

About a year ago, I started hankering after a pair of dunagarees. The comfort! The practicality!  The kooky manic-pixie-dreamgirl-ness of them!  But I had a crisis of judgement, and having put out to Facebook’s hive mind, dungarees, yes or no? I got back a bit of a variety of responses which ranged from “if you are prepared for the extra steps when you go to the toilet, then go for it,” to “absolutely no way, not flattering, only for pregnancy and allotments,” and remained uncertain.

My confidence levels were a bit low at the time,  as I was still feeling a bit podge post Persie’s birth, so I didn’t pursue the dungaree option.  I was afeared that I’d look ridiculous.  Then I had my mid-life-crisis and did some pretty ridiculous stuff anyway, and suddenly voila! I am in possession of two pairs of dungarees.  One black, one blue, both denim.  And let me tell you, they are awesome!

Of course, I’m behind the fashion curve on this one. I know I am, because I bought both my pairs of dungarees from Boden, whereas M&S were selling them a year ago and are no more. At least the Boden buy means that, like the kidswear, they will wash well. And while I’m not at the zeitgeist, I did at least impress the twenty-something baby team member when I wore them on dress-down Friday last week.  So in my mind, that wins me maybe about five cool points.

Now I must admit, that I am a big fan of the ‘all in one’ option in any form, not really bothering with separates for working days instead favouring a dress/cardigan uniform which is really only a step up from my tunic/leggings/cardigan/pumps uniform of the mid-noughties.  I had mistakenly thought that the dungarees,  would fall into the all-in-one category.  However, whilst they do have the flattering proportions of an all in one, creating a longer line down the body, and the straight cut legs of my pair are obviously cooler than the now distinctly old fashioned skinnies that I generally wear, dungarees are not actually a non-faff option.

The issue is obviously *what to wear underneath*.  So far combination wise I’ve only managed to pull off breton variations and a glittery spot t-shirt.  But I’m thinking about a crisp blue striped shirt, the type that’s suddenly everywhere from New Look upwards for my next dress-down Friday. And I’m planning on experimenting with some spring-weight but chunkyish knitwear for the warmer days when we can get away without a jacket.  So far, so good.

The only thing so far that actually hasn’t worked, which should have done, is a plaid shirt.  Too Barbara in the Good Life, and definitely only for allotments.


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