Today I’m wearing… double denim

There’s something risky about double denim, but I think you’ll agree, today it’s paid off! I did some googling around “how to style” double denim, and there were lots of denim skirts and jackets, and even a denim shirt dress, all adorning cute girls walking down the street (because if you google “how to style” anything, that’s what the pictures are like).  To my mind, I don’t think double denim counts as double denim unless one of the items is *a pair of jeans*, but maybe that’s just me. However, that does mean that, playing by my own rules, I am definitely doing the double today.

I’ll admit, the trousers are from M&S, and ages old now, because I tumble dried them to the perfect fit.  Although I won’t apologise for wearing M&S trousers ever because they cut them for women with waists, bums and hips. The denim shirt is from New Look, and while not unrelated to my cargo shacket (more on that another time), it’s definitely more shirt than jacket; light enough to wear layered over my t-shirt, without being bulky, but has poppers not buttons.

I did want to girlie this outfit up a little, as I often feel when I wear jeans and trainers with a shirt that I look like Mel presenting the Bake Off, and that is one of the reasons why I stopped wearing brightly coloured jackets. So to counter the masculine lines, I went slightly leftfield with metallic accents. Gold spots on the layered tee, sequins and leopardprint on the trainers. Because metallic and leopardprint are both neutrals (thank you, Caitlin Moran) it’s not too out there, but it brought a little something extra to dress-down Friday.

Photo by my seven year old, who was non-plussed when I told her I’d be editing my face out not least because it was pre-make-up… but for the interested among you, I finally did my face once I’d eaten my breakfast in the canteen and encountered the CEO while I was pretending not to be ravenously stuffing down with bacon and beans to counter a teeny tiny hangover.  Going with the denim theme, I went for blue eye make up including my super smudgy Maybelline chubby eye liner, which I am devoted to, and a pinky lip.  img_1664

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