Today I’m wearing… going out clothes at work

So the other week I gatecrashed someone’s leaving do who I didn’t know.  Basically I was at one set of leaving drinks, and Welsh friend was at another at a pub a couple of doors down, and we wanted to get together.  So I slipped away joined in their little event, far more sedate than the one I was leaving, which suited me fine, as I had a kind ‘two drinks max and I’m outta here’ feeling.

The most hilarious part of the evening was when I caught sight of the leaver, who I had never met before, a young woman (well, younger than me and Cerys) who was dressed up like she was starring in the 90s film The Craft.  Short skirt, cropped top, fishnets, heels and *a choker*.  She was definitely “going on” somewhere once the slightly more mature members of the party finished drinking their sensible sized glasses of Sauv Blanc and departed.  But she was so at odds with her surroundings and company that I couldn’t help but widen my eyes at Cerys who told me “she’s been wearing that since 8am this morning.”

Well, frankly, if I had my time again I’d have worn a lot more fabulous outfits at 8am, so good for her!  But it did give me pause when thinking about this week and the sartorial decisions required about going out straight after work, which I am doing two nights running (get me!).  I approached the issue with one solution: metallics!

Yesterday, prior to *a very special leaving event*, I mixed my going out skirt (metallic jacquard purple stars) with a sensible top and my normal black tights/ankle boots combo to take me from the office to the cocktail bar.  This was a relatively successful gambit, although the shortness and sparkliness of the skirt was commented upon in the cocktail bar, and a comment about ‘the bend and snap’ from someone who is not a reader of this blog (as far as I know…)!  Under the sensible top, I wore a t-shirt with diamante sparkles, so when the dancing started I was able to strip off a layer and get down to the cheesy songs (more on that another time).  The skirt is from Warehouse, which thanks to The Pool, I gave a second chance last year after years of writing it off, and it’s been an absolute treasure trove.

Tonight I bid farewell to another very special lady, but it’s a more casual event, and it’s Dress Down Friday, so it’s jeans and a sweatshirt.  But oh!  What a sweatshirt!  Metallic polka dots, matched with my gold Converse.  Adding a little sparkle elevates this from the mundane to the marvelous, I think, and I’ll be supremely comfy too.  Win win.  I love the combination of navy blue and gold on the Boden sweatshirt- softer and more forgiving than black, although that has its place too.  The only thing I’d say about the sweatshirt is I could have bought a size S, as the M is generous, but it gives a good oversized look.  I wish they’d used gold thread on the cuffs and neck, that would have made it perfect.

Pictures by colleagues! One in the cocktail bar and one in the office… 

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