Today I’m wearing… Animal Print!

Today’s outfit is brought to you rather later in the day than usual, courtesy of the nightmare that is childcare arrangements!

My cat print dress is a firm favourite, and I feel a great alternative to straightforward leopardprint.  Every time I wear it I feel particularly fierce!  Not sure why it’s such a failsafe –   Is it the way the studded belt adds structure to a comfy pull on shift?  Is it the combination of black and purple?  Is it the fact it layers up so well with my thin thermal tee, and thick black tights?  Perhaps, but it does equally as well unlayered in the summer months, with sandals.  Or is it simply that you can’t beat a gorgeous graphic?  I mean, who doesn’t love big cats?  

This was purchased in the M&S sale, circa 2013.  It’s from their Limited Collection label, which I really like, as it’s a bit more fashion forward, and fast changing (hence being limited, I suppose).  

A confession: This dress is shorter than I remembered.  I experienced what I like to think of as a bad case of “Meeting Thigh” today, when in a ‘workshop’ meeting I looked down and realised I was revealing a much greater expanse of upper leg than I felt entirely comfortable with.  Luckily, thick black tights saved my modesty!

Picture by one of my colleagues, who was an excellent impromptu photographer! 

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