This week I’m wearing… a bright blue raincoat

So Spring sprung, and suddenly the hooded, padded, sensible navy blue coat that I wore for most of the winter just seemed so blah and over familiar.

Luckily, I have this Hobbs mac that I bought from eBay for intermediate weather!  Not quite warm enough for no covering, and there is the risk of showers to consider, but for when a proper winter coat would be too warm.  I don’t do double breasted in general, and therefore shy away from classic trench coats (although I have seen a very fetching yellow version in River Island) so this simply cut raincoat ticks all my boxes.  Bright colour – of course! Heavy weight enough to provide light coverage and rain protection?  Yes!  Oh, and did I mention I bought it on eBay?  So rather than paying £200+ quid for a Hobbs mac, I think I got it for about £30…

My colleague was very obliging this week and did five minute mini-fashion shoot outside the office.  Notice how I tone with the Cambridge blue branding… The shadows were her idea!


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