Today I’m wearing… grown up dungarees

A couple of months ago, I bough a pinstriped jumpsuit in Tesco for £12.99, when they were having a sale. But I didn’t wear it, because I couldn’t work out what to wear it with, and how to make the cropped trousers palatable, and I thought it was navy (it’s not, it’s just not a very strong black) and then I wasn’t certain if I could get away with it – whatever that means. Then there was the fact that the girls’ dad said it looked “like Madonna circa 1990” – and I knew exactly what he meant, I can picture Madonna doing the running man in a pinstriped suit, flanked by backing dancers, wearing a headset… this jumpsuit definitely has that kind of vibe.

I digress! This morning, I could have gone safe, and I could have gone floral, I could even have gone for jersey, but instead I went bold, and I wore the jumpsuit! I went for a thin red knit underneath, and my already-ubiquitous red boots, which were a bit clashy, but in a sort of deliberate way. And you can sort of see on the picture, a sliver of calf was revealed, in a nonchalant, my-ankles-aren’t-cold-today-but-I’m-still-on-trend kind of way.

A tailored jumpsuit is not actually as easy as dungarees to get on and off, thanks to a side zip on the bodice as well as poppers on the shoulders, and that really was the “if you are prepared to take the extra steps when you go to the toilet” moment for me, when I regretted my second cup of coffee this morning. But I didn’t regret the ensemble overall, although admittedly it was a bit of a statement. I could tell that some people didn’t like it, and Cindy at the nail salon asked if I got told off today for “wearing casual clothes” which goes to show how different a look it was for me. Overall, though, I’m claiming a victory – a woman from a different business stream stopped me in the cafe to tell me how much she loved my outfit and I think she’s pretty awesome, so… outfit success!  I’m looking forward to wearing it with a white tee shirt and trainers on a dress down day next.


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