My Personal Commandments

One of the starting points of my Happiness Project actually began earlier this year, as I started to formulate my own set of “Personal Commandments”. The idea is that you use the commandments as a set of guiding principles for the resolutions one makes as part of the Happiness Project.

My commandments vary from single words to quotations. Some of these are quotations from literature, some of them are things that I picked up from other people. One of them is now the name of my Happiness Project because I think it’s so important. Another is my blog name with a little addition. They are:

Time is how you spend your love.
Embrace the seasons.
Be mistress of myself.
Live more, write more, read more.
Wear it out.
Plan for serendipity.
Choose passion not stress.
Variety and moderation.
Set boundaries.

I’m not saying that I’m succeeding yet, in living my life by this set of rules. But coming up with the list was fun, particularly when I realised that a lot of these were things I already believed – I wasn’t making them up for the project, they’re actually part of what I already think. One of the pleasures, came from once I had composed the list of commandments, I really enjoyed writing them in a page in my bullet journal, with decoration. I am no great Pinterest example, but my bullet journal is one of my favourite relaxing things to do. Then I took a picture of them and printed it out and pinned it to my desk at work. Not because work is especially where I need to pay attention to these commandments, but because I feel like I spend more waking time at my work desk that anywhere else.

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