My Happiness Project: October – Harvest

So in September it was all about Embracing the Seasons. That theme continues and I’m cheating a bit by carrying on with Autumn and thinking about Harvest… plenty and gratitude.

Now I am a bit late sharing my intentions for October. Therefore, I’ll admit, I didn’t get out to see the Harvest Moon, and I’ve failed so far on the daily gratitude. Considering last month I also failed on doing three things for myself each day, and I know I need to brush off my meditation app, I think that I am actually not doing so well on the self-care and self love. Therefore, I’m going to alter one of my original aims picking up on my review of September and introduce a Habit tracker.

October – Harvest

Celebrate the Harvest

– Harvest Festival

– Go and do something Harvesty with the children

– Put something in the food bank trolley

(Harvest Moon – 5th October – go and look at it)

I have plenty:

– No buying month

– Daily gratitude

– Use things up

– Three is enough!

Use my bullet journal:

– Harvest ideas and thoughts

– Habit tracker.

I’m hoping that the Habit tracker will do the trick! Next month the focus shifts from general Autumnal enjoyment to a more goal-oriented topic, so I kind of need to start warming myself up to the habit now.

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