November – Productivity

I’m writing from the best soft play centre I know! Another great advantage of being able to touch type, is keeping one’s eyes fixed on the giant climbing frame, lest there be any foul play at soft play, whilst getting on with a blog post. We are at the dog end of a long half term, and I’m enjoying some well earned annual leave days out of the office to spend time with my minis.

It was pretty tough embracing the seasons on Monday morning when we had the first frost of autumn, and the heating in the office wasn’t turned up, so my colleagues and I sat at our desks wearing our outdoor coats. But this week I’ve seen a beautiful pink sky through the train window on my journey home, and on Thursday we visited my hometown, where the oak trees that line the roads had turned golden and the minis picked up acorns on our walk to the park. It was a pre-planned, but timely visit to the cemetery where my mum’s ashes are interred, as we laid flowers on her grave the day her new granddaughter was born, who is her namesake. I can’t talk about how beautiful that gesture is without crying! Our new family member is a big baby with lots of hair, just like my minis at birth. She’s perfect, and I’m so pleased that her middle name matches my girls, being both a flower and a colour!

This month my Happiness Project is inspired by two things: the Japanese concept of Igikai, which I’ve included a helpful Venn diagram illustration of, and the yearly online writing phenomenon that is Nanowrimo, during which keen writers/ masochists attempt to write 50,000 words in 30 days. Therefore, November is (hopefully) going to be all about Productivity. I couldn’t think of a better title for this month’s theme, and it’s definitely the most concrete of them so far.

November – Productivity
Igikai – what do I need in my life for it to be fulfilling?
Write More – Attempt Nanowrimo
Manage what you measure
Keep a word count tally
Be a marathoner and a sprinter using the Pomodoro technique
Become a finisher!
Finish a project
Finish a notebook (use things up).
Read More…

All of these things are designed to help me focus myself on the things I want to achieve, and for once, one of these is relevant to work as well as home. With regard to those 50,000 words… it’s 3rd November and all I’ve written so far is this blogpost, but it’s always good to have targets, after all, otherwise you’re just shooting in the dark. Above all, this month is about realising that there’s never a perfect moment to start anything. To quote the great Lemony Snicket, “If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives”. Time to begin.

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