Happiness Project – November and December

November was probably my poorest show yet, in terms of achieving the aims of my Happiness Project. It was in many ways the most ambitious month so far, with the focus on Productivity. I think I’ll just have to be honest and say that perhaps filling a notebook ought to be a yearly goal for 2018, and not a monthly one. Unless it’s a really really small notebook.

I started my Happiness Project in September because Autumn and Winter are my least favourite seasons. I’m pleased to say that I’ve developed a new appreciation for this time of year. In each month so far, there’s been something which has surprised me. November’s not a particularly special month, and I feel poor bonfire night gets rather overshadowed by Halloween these days, but I realised in November how much I cherish the annual ritual of our school’s autumn event. They call it the Autumn Glow and it celebrates all that’s wonderful about the season, including firepits and marshmallow toasting and sparklers and other fun for minis for a couple of cold hours early on a Saturday evening.

November was actually a month of great personal progress if not productivity. I read more, slept more, I ate better. I made a big decision and enacted it. I read a lot of Brene Brown. I listened to audiobooks, downloaded new podcasts, and kept chipping away at the library book pile. I decided to treat myself more kindly, and stop feeling like a failure for not being the kind of person who is really in a position to do Nanowrimo. I decided to keep musing on Igikai, which a friend mentioned to me, in a “Law of Attraction” type way, and which I’m still thinking about carefully.

Then all of a sudden it was the start of December and now it’s nearly Mini 1’s birthday, and there is snow. The truth is, it’s not me I’m really embracing the seasons for, of course, a lot of time, but for my minis. They look to me for how to navigate the world, and that includes learning how to be happy.

With that in mind, December’s Happiness Project theme is a good one: Light

December – Light

Bring in the light

Turn your face to the light

Honour a tradition

Cultivate a ritual (light a candle?)

Variety and moderation

All the festivals of light that happen in the winter are our way of fighting off the darkness, and I’ll admit that I struggle with the dark afternoons and mornings as much as the next person. So this month it’s all about the Light, in every way, from finding ways to get more actual light, as well as just enjoying more light things, cultivating a sense of levity, just not too much… (moderation!).

One Comment

  1. agnieszkacoutinho

    Hi Gemma, great idea to think about, do activities etc. related in some way to LIGHT during such dark and cold evenings in December. I was wondering what are the examples of things that you will be doing related to Light?

    Happy 1st birthday to Mini ! 🙂

    Please look at my blog posts too if you like to read about personal growth and positive psychology 🙂 https://mindset4progress.wordpress.com/2017/12/17/self-growth-what-is-it-a-bit-of-a-luxury-or-an-essential-need/

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